Workforce Insights: Think Differently About Your Current Orientation Program – or Risk Losing Your New Employees

onboarding orientation workforce Apr 13, 2023

Do you remember your first day at a new job? You may have been nervous and not sure what to expect. There is so much to learn to do the job and what if you don’t fit in with the other employees? There are so many what-ifs in a new position. The best-case scenario is if an employer has a solid orientation system that welcomes the new employee, connects them to friendly co-workers, and provides the necessary information to set them up for success.

I’ve spoken with many organizations who tell me their orientation ends up being a tour, having them watch all the “required HR videos” and parading the CEO and key department heads in front of them. If they have baked in a little extra time for orientation, each new employee might be paired with someone else in the organization to show them the ropes of the job. After a couple of days, they are left to fend for themselves, and teammates might expect the individual to perform at a high level or get shamed out of the job.

This isn’t unique to senior living; however, we cannot afford to use this process any longer if we are to get and keep employees. Let me be clear – your orientation program must change if it is adequately described above. Each employee needs to have an individual care plan from day one to increase your chances of keeping them longer than one day.

How do you develop an individual care plan for a new employee? 

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