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If you have landed in this space, you are a leader who is looking to elevate your influence and impact so you can better serve your team, company and customers.

Come on in and get free resources to guide your journey. While you are here, learn about how executive coaching and workforce development programs can up level your communication, influence, leadership, confidence, and strategy.

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I've been where you are...

Years ago, I led a few different organizations with decent results. I had several wins under my belt and still wanted to do better. 

I struggled with finding balance between work and home. I wanted to be a great boss to my team and infuse innovation into my organization. I had moments of imposter syndrome, wavering confidence, and ended up self-sabotaging myself and my success. 

I changed the way I spoke to myself and envisioned a completely different future and things began to change.

My business is in its second year and is now taking off. I have solved the problems I struggled with for years. I'm serving hundreds of people through my information, resources and speaking engagements. 

How? I began to invest in myself and my own development. I stopped sacrificing myself for others. Now I can show up as an authentic leader because I understand myself better.

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Executive Coach

Elevate your leadership potential through personalized guidance and support, as I empower you to overcome obstacles, maximize your strengths, and achieve extraordinary growth.

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Keynote Speaker

Ignite your audience's passion and inspire profound change with captivating keynote presentations that combine powerful storytelling, cutting-edge insights, and actionable takeaways for unleashing leadership excellence.

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Workforce Solutions

Delight your most important customers, your employees. Dana's process supports providers to review and implement systems that are empathetic and support the idea of person-centered employment. 

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Cindy Tanner, BSN, COO Brewster Place

Dana has been mentoring me since I started in a new leadership role. She has assisted me greatly in offering creative ideas in a challenging career.


Joanna Randall, Retired Executive Director with Good Samaritan Society

You’ll enjoy learning about leadership from my good friend and colleague, Dana Weaver! She is an amazing coach and an inspiration!