Next Level Leadership Interviews

Inspiring stories of high achieving women who are blazing their own paths and taking us on the journey.

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Jill Vitale-Aussem

A passionate disruptor of the status quo, Jill's life work is in aging and challenging people to thing differently about it. She is a champion of positive aging and an author of Disrupting the Status Quo of Senior Living: A Mindshift.

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Lauren Gayl

Helping leaders break free from the trauma that holds them back is Lauren's specialty. She captivates you with her story, how she was able to break free from her trauma, and how she now helps others. 

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Ellie Rose Schoessling

Dementia care is her passion and the road less traveled is her journey. Ellie delights viewers with impactful stories and a vision of dementia care that breaks through traditional barriers.

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Belinda Vierthaler

A servant leader at heart and an educator to thousands, Belinda shares her passion for elders and focusing on the person first.

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Marlu Soria

Do you have to be beautiful to have confidence? Marlu breaks down how the beauty industry shapes our image and how to break free.

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Rosita Perez

Rosita was surprised when I asked her to be on the podcast. Am I a leader, she thought? Find out how she ignited the leader within.

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Loree Bell

A seasoned leader in her downright, learn how Loree expands her vision of leadership through a personal pilgrimage. 

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Dr. Betty Woodman

She has studied and taught leadership for many years and helps us understand power dynamics show up in the workplace. 

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